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Doug DeJardine, Custom Desk

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  This client wanted a desk that would fit a specific place in her home and would be elegant but simple in appearance. Three drawers with no pulls or other visible hardware.

Hard Maple and Sapele were the chosen woods. There is another feature of this desk known only to the client.
Doug DeJardine, Custom Book Rack

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  This low-slung book rack was made from Walnut. It was designed to store large three-ring binders and sits behind a large desk and chair. It stores the binders at 45 degrees for easy access by the chair occupant.

Made to fit a confined space, the unit measures 35" wide by 18" deep and 23" tall.
Doug DeJardine, large 11-drawer cabinet

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  This large cabinet holds 11 drawers whose interior dimensions are 48" wide, 34" deep and 2-1/2" high. It was purposed to house or store vestments (used by the priests of a Catholic Church) that are too heavy for storing on clothing hangers.

Cherry was the preferred wood for this cabinet.

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  This customer, a local Encinitas area jewelry store, wanted to totally revamp
his somewhat hodge-podge showcase cabinetry. He not only wanted the jewelry
showcased comfortably for his customers but also have a sitting area for detailed viewing.

Walnut was chosen for this project for its rich warmth and charm.

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  The large flat file depicted here was requested by a professional photographer/artist. It is constructed from natural bamboo, flat grained. Each drawer is about 35" wide by 32" deep and 4" high. The drawer fronts are made from Zebra Wood (African Zebrano). Midway on the height is a pull out shelf used for viewing.

Desk by Doug DeJardine - Click to view larger image

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This desk was made in 1981 and survived a very busy household since that time. It recently came back for re-hab. There was nothing wrong with it except for needing some surface cleaning and refinishing. It has been remarkably solid and had no loosened joints or other weaknesses.

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This desk was made from a somewhat whimsical design. It was designed to be colorful to the eye, graceful in appearance and strongly unique.

It is 39 wide, 18 deep and 42 tall. It was constructed using Maple, Bubinga and Paduak. It has a leather writing surface and hand carved Wenge trim.

The desk was displayed in a gallery before finding a home in San Diego.

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At the request of the customer this desk was designed based upon an early American style. The customer had strong ties to the Hawaiian Islands so the wood used for its construction was Koa.

It has Ebony trim and inlay work along with a leather writing surface.

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