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  This one-drawer cabinet is a mobile unit requested by a return customer to match her Mahogany sideboard. The unit has lower storage for small appliances and sports a granite slab top called 'Red Dragon".

The customer wanted the ability to move the unit around easily in her large kitchen and have electrical supply easily at hand. Not shown is a nitch in the back for a power strip with a long extension cord.

It seems that everyone is “Going Green” these days with extensive use of recycles and sustainable materials. This kitchen ensemble meets these expectations quite nicely. They are all made from bamboo. Bamboo is a fast growth tree, replenishes itself and the leaf cleanses the surrounding air during growth. All this and it is beautiful when finished.

Three Drawer Buffett - Click to view larger photo

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Three drawer buffet. It is 68” wide, 22” deep and 36” tall. The bamboo material is horizontal, flat cut and natural color. The drawer pulls are stainless steel and the drawer slides and door hinges are all soft-close.

Sitting/Dining Counter - Click to view larger photo

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Sitting/dining counter that accommodates two diners. It has a storage cabinet attached forming a “T” shaped unit. The cabinet has access from either side. The dining counter is 54” wide and 18” deep. The T-leg cabinet is 30” long and 18” wide. The piece stands 36” tall.

Mobile cabinet on casters - Click to view larger photo

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Mobile cabinet on casters. It measures 28” long by 18” wide and 36” tall. This cabinet incorporates a granite plate taken from the slab used for the main counter-top in the kitchen. In addition to the extra-long drawer for storage it has dual tilt-out refuse bins for trash and recycles.

Mobile cabinet on casters - Click to view larger photo


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