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Motorcycle Furnishing
This project falls just outside the common concept of furniture.

The customer, a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, found an original Harley-Davidson motorcycle trike that had been used extensively during
WW2. A box was placed on the rear frame to deliver ammunition, food and other supplies to the front line troops. The trike, more than fifty
years old, was the perfect candidate for extreme customizing.

He asked that a rear passenger seat be made from wood. He wanted the wood to have a highly figured grain pattern and have the fewest
straight lines as possible. He also wanted to have a storage trunk on it like those found on the backs of vintage touring cars.

The beginning.
The original frame has been remade; powder-coated; painted flames; stretched; fully customized; and chromed.

  The frame for the passenger seat.
Care was taken to allow clearance for the tires and shock absorbers.
Note the four attachment points.

  The seat platform attached to the frame.

  The preliminary seat structure. The side and back uprights were kept at a seven degree cant for passenger comfort.

  The preliminary seat has been shaped and sculpted for its final form.

  The seat with a bottom skirt and the trunk (without lid) was attached.

  Laminating the trunk lid. This same procedure was used for the trunk box also.

  The roughly completed seat is ready for final finishing.
Note the hole in the skirt allowing access to the shock absorber.

  Now a passenger seat ready for installation. The light fixture is a replica of antique kerosene burning lamps used on the rear of very early autos.
The external finish is Koa veneer with hand-rubbed Tung Oil.

  The goal has been reached. A pair of HiRes speakers are mounted inside.
Tooled leather upholstery will be installed later.

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